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Layne Brown Smith:

Weird Hummingbirds

Unleash Your Life!

"Weird Hummingbirds is a fantastic, well-written, virtual workshop that helps readers recognize and peel off unproductive layers of themselves they may not even have known existed." ~ Rhonda B.


This book is about getting your power back! Plain and simple.

This book will give you all kinds of tools to transform your life.

Through poignant and funny stories – you will be taken on a delicious journey to connect with your Intention, hear your Internal Guidance System, discover how Discerning you are (you just may not be listening), you’ll uncover your Super-Power and you’ll get the tools to LIVE in all of that new understanding.


If Self-Study is how you role – then role with the book! With each Paperback you get a bonus Workbook and if you get the eBook – there is a special offer on the eBook/Workbook Combo.

This book will change your life!

The cover of the book "Weird Hummingbirds" shown in a tablet and phone
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