Spiritual Transformation

The Awakened, Transformed & Unleashed Life

Popping corks, plugging leaks, grabbing oars, and understanding that you have a choice to evolve or stay stuck.

Why are so many people seeking spiritual transformation now, and at unprecedented rates?
Why do so many of us long to understand that we are not alone in the cosmos—that our lives have meaning and purpose?

Humans are meaning-making machines. To varying degrees, we all seek to understand our environment and ourselves. This ability of ours to analyze and adapt is why we have evolved so quickly over millions of years.
As if we weren’t already fast-evolving, our progress in the last century has come at break-neck speed and much of that progress is terrific!

Personally, I’m super glad I can go to the supermarket to pick up my groceries instead of beating the bushes for delectable morsels to eat.

I love that I can take a long hot bath indoors when I want to relax and take a moment for myself. I’m thankful that I can travel the world both in real life or on the internet and find new ways of connecting with people.
There are all kinds of conveniences that have become available since my grandmother was a little girl, and much of it is spectacular. However, this progress has created a bunch of disconnection for many of us.

Where there is an assumption that milk comes from the grocery store as opposed to a living breathing cow, we become disconnected from what is “real.” When we can get anything we want, at any time of the day or night, cheaper and cheaper and cheaper—we disconnect ourselves from where those initial resources are sourced, who harvested the raw materials, and what kind of destruction was left in its wake.
Then, we continue that disconnection by not giving a single thought to who designed the products we buy, who built them, ran the machines to make them, package them, box them and ship them just so we can get them delivered straight to our homes in less than two days.
The cost of that disconnection is a lack of meaning in our lives and ourselves. Because we’re meaning-making machines, that’s quite disconcerting at an energetic level.

We find ourselves asking the big questions like Who am I? Why am I here? What is this all about?  and as we seek to answer those types of questions, we move into something commonly called a spiritual awakening.

Woman wanting to transform spiritually

How Spiritual Awakening Brings On Transformation

Spiritual awakening and transformation are nothing new. There are always individuals who challenge
the status quo and push us towards new ways of experiencing the world.

They are the type of people who have created amazing art, invented amazing tools, discovered amazing places, and changed our perspectives of how the world and the universe work in amazing ways.

If you took the time to investigate their lives, you would find in their personal accounts that they deliberately tapped into something beyond their human knowledge. They didn’t just tap into this sort of inspiration because they were special. They were special because they were able to tap into it and you have the same capability, but more on that later.

For me, spiritual transformation is when an individual starts making the connection that there is something bigger at play than just this physical human experience. This change in awareness is when an individual understands on an instinctive level that there is a whole other dimension we can connect to if we choose.

This awakening is ongoing and very unique to every individual, but there are some guiding principles to help anyone move into it by choice. I will outline the steps in a bit.

The Process of Spiritual Transformation

Before we talk about why you feel the call to awaken, let’s have a look at what it is you are waking up from. You likely grew up in a way that involves traditions or habits of belief and understanding, with written and unwritten rules you had to follow in order to be “accepted.”

If these are part of your story, you’ve inherited plenty of beliefs and biases from those who raised or influenced you—parents, extended family, caregivers, neighbors, religious leaders, teachers, and many others.

If you haven’t deliberately chosen what you believe in, you are unconsciously living your life based on inherited beliefs, opinions, and personal agendas of other people.

I would venture to say that more than 95% of the world’s  population is now living this way.

If this is a new concept for you, I’ll show you how this works.

Do you have the same religion, culture, and political affiliation as the majority of your family? If yes, did you do any critical analysis before you accepted that identity for yourself?

Likely not, most of us just stick with what we've been exposed to, in order to assimilate. The influence of the majority could also be absorbed from our society through our peers and co-workers, as well as advertisers and social media.

We accept all kinds of information from these outside influencers and such information affects how we dress, the kinds of homes we buy or rent, the cars we drive, the people we find attractive, the books we read, and the TV shows or movies we choose to watch.

It impacts the way we think about what’s happening in the world because the news we consume is curated to make us do things and think in a specific way—a way that is mostly from fear or the need for approval and acceptance.

I know it’s disconcerting, but this is one of the most amazing gifts about walking into your spiritual awakening.

What Happen When You Transform Into An Awakened State?

As you transform into this awakened state, you naturally develop the skills to think more clearly and critically to make your own decisions, instead of following the pack.

Adult female contemplating about her spiritual transformation

The messages we picked up during our formative years and continue to accept from our surroundings as we mature all affect our sense of self. This means we have opinions about ourselves that are based on someone else’s biases, beliefs, and personal agendas.

If we haven’t challenged these ideas about ourselves that we picked up from our environment, we are expressing ourselves through the lens of someone else’s ideas of us.

Think about your own experience for a moment and ask yourself these questions:
When it comes to declaring what I’m capable of or what opportunities I will have in this lifetime, can I see how I’ve been influenced by others?
What were the messages I got about myself?
Was I worth listening to or was I told to be quiet?
Were my abilities encouraged or dismissed?
Was I mocked or celebrated for coming up with new ideas and trying something different?

Those messages, if not empowering, will have you living a life that is less than what you desire. However, you have all the control in changing that information and that is what you’re doing when you move towards transformation.

We’ll spend time on this, but bear with me as we build out all the layers of your spiritual growth.

Master Your Subconscious Mind

There are all kinds of things floating around in your subconscious mind that you did not deliberately choose but are affecting how you live your life. Such unchosen beliefs, if not challenged, could put us into a state of drifting for the rest of our lives.

When we stumble upon something that starts to challenge those ideas, that’s actually the non-physical part of ourselves calling us to awaken.

Monkey-Mind Mastery Blueprint

  • Understand how your subconscious mind
  • Recognize where your thoughts are taking you farther away from what you desire
  • See how you can turn up the volume of your intuition

In my work guiding people out of this State of Drift into an Awakened Life, I help you identify your unconsciously chosen inherited beliefs. I call them Power Leaks.

Power Leaks are anything and everything that convinces you that you are less than the miracle you are. Feelings of limitation, unworthiness, insecurity, fear, worry, disconnection, lack, hopelessness, (just to name a few) are signs that you are currently believing something about yourself and your surroundings that isn’t true.

If what you’re currently experiencing isn’t what you desire, you’re acting from a lie and that lie (power leak) is preventing you from experiencing your true nature, your true power, your true purpose, and your true intention.

That’s another idea to hold on to as we go along here. Don’t worry, I’ll tie it all together so you can make some decisions for yourself moving forward.

When you start opening yourself up to the possibility that there could be a new way of doing your life you are opening yourself up to a New Life, a Transformed Life.

The beautiful thing is – you’re not alone. Remember how I said at the beginning that our world is starting to move much more quickly – well, that means our collective awakening is starting to happen more quickly too.

And look at you – right out there on the leading edge!

You're Not A Mistake

Alright, let’s drill down a bit on the miracle that is You, and then we’ll explore what you’re connected to.

The fact that you’re here, reading this, thinking about this, and evaluating this – is a freakin’ miracle. If you have even a modicum of self-doubt, unworthiness, or insecurity about the value you bring to the world, this next bit has the potential to turn that on its head – if you let the magnitude of this sink in.

Here's a simple lesson in biology. In each month your mother was only able to conceive for about 6 days - so the window of possibility was open about 20% of the time.

Your father released 300 million sperm in one shot - 300 million – every time they did their version of Netflix and Chill.

Now, a mere 5 out of 300 million sperm get close enough to the egg to try to break the membrane and get a shot at fertilizing it. Five out of Three Hundred MILLION! All 5 can easily be denied.

If one sperm manages to break the membrane and enter the egg the chances of it fertilizing the egg are not guaranteed. In fact, the odds are remarkably low because the mother’s immune system sees the sperm as a threat and tries to kill it. On the off chance that an egg got fertilized - there is still only a small number that will go to term and result in a live birth.

Yet here you sit reading this. Against all the odds – you exist!

Tell me, what are the odds that you being here is a mistake? I'm no math expert here but I'm going to say the chances of you being a mistake are a big fat zero.

If all that you get out of reading this is that – I feel pretty awesome. But it gets better.

Now let's put that idea away for a little bit and let me make my second point.

Chances are you’ve come to the conclusion, based on everything you've heard about yourself over the course of your lifetime, that you are a HUMAN being – but that isn't true.

Remember the science class when you discovered with your classmates that the table you were sitting at was more space than matter – that everything is moving particles and we simply see the parts that are moving slow enough that our eyes can register them.

It was a mind-blowing bit of information and then we just went about our lives and pretended we were just a pile of bones, muscles, and skin wandering around our house looking for cookies to bide the time and help us feel more content and satisfied.

You are an electromagnetic field of energy. You are made of the same stuff as the stars, the sky the sun, and the moon.

You’re also made of the same stuff like a table, a hammer, a tree, your lawn, your deck, the kitchen island, the neighbor’s cat, and the plate you used at breakfast this morning.

We’re all made of the same stuff. We are all electromagnetic energy – atoms, protons, neutrons, electrons, more space, and energy than matter.

All of the energy that makes up you - also makes up the universe. This is often referred to as The Grand Unified Field. Its chief characteristic – is that it is nothing, but a possibility.

And you are interacting with it at all times on a subconscious energetic level whether you recognize it or not.

You are connected to it – because you are made of it. This is one of the first aspects of your Spiritual Awakening which if you go along for the ride, will lead to your Spiritual Transformation.

So collectively and individually we have been living as if we’re only this one human, living this one life.

Then we get a spark that gives us the impression that may not be the whole story. We become restless and want to know more. Through this exploration, we may accept that we are connected to an energy that wants to work with us and wants us to work with it.

The choice is ours whether we want to take the journey.

Our Prsonalized Spiritual Journey

Our individual Spiritual Development is what happens when we begin to explore what this new viewpoint means for us. Our Spiritual Development (Spiritual Journey or Spiritual Growth) simply describes how each of us specifically comes to terms with this awareness and how we will choose to express it.

How does your life change when you understand that this human version of you is just a tiny portion of what makes you, YOU?

How did we get so far away from this connection? Why have we been convinced that we are simply this finite human body – here to live a rather random life – and make the best of it until we die. Such a mundane approach to such a miracle don’t you think?

We got here by being conditioned to go along with the pack. How could we have done anything differently?

We’re born vulnerable, dependent, placed into situations where we need to acquiesce to the majority or die. We counted on someone to feed us, cloth us, keep us warm and safe.

The truth is if we had been raised by Spiritually Awakened individuals, we may have found this path much earlier. But most of us were raised by disconnected people who were raised by disconnected people who were raised by more disconnected people.

This means you came by your disconnection quite naturally.

Here’s the truth – no matter what your experience was, you can go on a Personal Spiritual Journey or Quest to discover for yourself where you need to wake up to a truth that serves you better than the programming you’ve been living from.

This will not happen by accident. It will happen with purpose and intent.

That’s the way you came into the world you know – with Purpose and Intent. There is a reason that the miracle of you came here at this point in time. You’ve got something to offer the world that only you can offer. If you choose not to discover what that is – it remains undone. And the world is a little poorer for it.

This is such a great time to be exploring these concepts. We are living in a time where we can awaken from our State of Drift and walk into our lives with our eyes and hearts wide open.

There’s no end goal here. There is no arrival!

Our Spiritual Journey is a steady evolution of our own understanding of how things work for us.

Although the journey is indeed personal there is an energetic shift that is already being felt globally as millions of Awakened Individuals form an Awakened Collective.

This is an amazing time to be alive.

The Field Of Possibilities

Alright, let’s go back to the concept of us being electromagnetic fields of energy.

This is science people, so stick with me!

We know from the sperm and egg account that the odds of you and me being here defy reason – now add to that that we are made of whatever the universe is made of – then add another bit of evidence called the Double Slit Test (google it) that proves we (us humans) have the ability to change reality just by observing or participating in it.

Increasing numbers of individuals have been pressing these ideas on us for centuries – but now with such ease at communicating – these ideas are gaining momentum.

But you’re still a rare bird – so acknowledge that will you?

Most people are just keeping their eyes shut and their fingers crossed hoping for the best not understanding that they can change the trajectory of their lives if they understand how the Field of Possibilities or Field of Information wants to work with them.

All of us in this conversation - have an opportunity to wake up from the lie that our choices are limited and embrace the fact that the choices available to us are beyond our imagination.

This may indeed be a new conversation for you - new information for you to be grappling with but you can't argue with facts, can you?

Science proves that you are a statistical anomaly – you defy probability – yet here you are – you exist.

Science also proves that we are made of the same stuff as our universe – and that stuff is nothing but possibilities – you are unlimited potential.

Science then proves that we (as observers and participants) have a say in what gets created – which extends to us being able to influence our own life experience and the world at large when we access the unlimited resources available to us.

Are you with me – or is this unbelievable?

We are here to create. We are here to transform. We are here to tap into the infinite wisdom of the subconscious mind. We are here to awaken. We are here to use our intuition for direction and our will for creating the life we want.

Imagine your life is as a bottle of champagne. This beautiful bottle contains a most exquisite and rare thing (your personal purpose and intention) that is being held back by a cork (your personal power leaks).

The power leaks are anything you are currently using as an excuse to keep playing small – to keep yourself in the State of Drift.

When you pop the cork (let go of lies) your Authentic Power (collaboration and connection to the Field of Possibilities) gets to burst out – and you get propelled into the life you came to live. Your Awakened Life!

Does that scare or exhilarate you? Does that fill you with fear and trepidation or make you more curious than you’ve ever felt before? It’s time to make the choice.

Do you go back to sleep, or do you choose to wake up? You know what to do!

It’s time to pop the corks! It’s time to live the life you came to live. The world needs what you have to give - not from a place of obligation but of abundance and overflow.

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Look - you’ve defied the odds to come to the planet and you have access (should you choose) to unlimited potential. Your mission, should you choose to accept it begins by uncovering the Power Leaks playing in the background of your life and then letting them go.

Until you do that work your awakening will not last.

Come with me on this journey to discover yourself.

Discover and Plug your Power Leaks.

Fill up on your Authentic Power.

Unleash Your Life into the world!

We need more and more of you doing this work.

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