Set Adrift or In-The-Flow – The Choice is Yours!

How to Use Your Subconscious with Purpose and Intent for Your Personal Growth

I know this post has the potential to completely alter how you walk in the world, what your expectations are, how you see yourself, how you live, love, work, play, think and create.

Now that's some pretty heavy proclamations there but as I'm thinking through how I want to begin this discussion - I'm aware of the fact that if I had understood this at an earlier age in the plain language, I want to share with you today I can't imagine where I would be right now and the same will be true for you.

Now, no regrets – my life is amazing! But who doesn’t want to turn up the volume of amazingness on an area or two huh? Who doesn’t want more meaning, more connection and more inner peace?

So, the thought of all of us understanding this and moving forward has me lit up in a way that I can hardly wait to hit the publish button on this blog post. I trust I haven't oversold it - but clearly this has got me a bit excited.

Now if you've grown up like me, in a culture or religion steeped in a lot of tradition and a lot of story around rules and regulations that had to be followed in order for you to be valued –

you may have become accustomed to thinking of yourself as fairly small and insignificant in the scheme of things.

When I was young, and I heard someone refer to God, it created an image in my mind of a large man with a big white beard and long flowy hair who was super rich and drove a Lincoln Continental.

He was most definitely male, not approachable or kind, and he had the ability to thwart any of my efforts to have what I wanted to have, by wielding a heavy stick that he would use to correct me - you know, to keep me on the “right” path.

It's a fairly violent and manipulative being I created in my mind – but probably not so far off of other people’s interpretations. I suspect there are a lot of you walking around the world right now with a variation of this image in your mind when you think about God.

Now, I'm NOT going to go into the origins of how religions were formed.

All I'm doing here, is setting the stage that we humans, have been conditioned to believe that we are less than whatever created us.

If you didn’t get that memo – thank your lucky stars - ;cuz you have way less to unravel then the rest of us – and that’s awesome.

When I made the journey out of organized religion, I really liked the new descriptors of this thing I used to call God – you know; Source Energy, The Universe, Collective Consciousness, or the All There Is, (all terms I’ve used in my writing) but they still smacked of a separation of some kind – like it was something we needed to connect to by some choice or realization. So, a definite improvement on capital G God but not quite IT.

When I heard it described this way - the way I'm going to share with you now - it resonated in such a deep way that for me, that this is my truth for now.

OK, I've said it before, and I will say it again that I don't need you to believe what I believe. Neither do you have this perspective to have success plugging your power leaks and changing your experience in the world. All the work we’re doing here – can still have fantastic results in your life.


That said, what I'm going to share with you today is not theory - this is scientifically backed evidence and for some it will blow your mind a little - and there’s no downside to that.

Before I go there though, let me just state some fun facts about what it took for you - YOU specifically to be walking on this planet right now listening to this podcast.

This in and of itself is pretty freaking amazing and if you have even a modicum of self doubt, unworthiness or insecurity about the value you bring to the world I hope that this starts to put a big freakin crack in the veneer of that belief.

Alright let's look at what it took to create the being that is YOU. Here's a simple lesson in biology; in a given month your mother was only able to conceive for about 6 days - so the window of possibility was open about 20% of the time.

Your father released 300 million sperm in one shot - 300 million – every time they did their version of Netflix and Chill.

Now, a mere 5 out of 300 million sperm actually get close enough to the egg to try to break the membrane. Five!

All five can easily be denied because the mother’s immune system sees the sperm as threats and tries everything it can to kill the intruders.

If one sperm succeeds at breaking the membrane and enters the egg the chances of it fertilizing the egg are not guaranteed.

So, on the off chance that an egg did get fertilized - there is still only a small number that will go to term and result in a live birth.

Now, tell me what the odds are of YOU being here? And what are the odds of you being here - by mistake? I'm no math expert here but I'm going to say the chances of you being a mistake are a big fat f****** ZERO!

If all you get out of this show is that YOU MATTER! My work is done. But I’ve got more to share.

Now if that’s true for you - it's true for everyone else. That might be a little bit of mind bender as you encounter people in the world who you don't care for very much - that you don't see much value in or believe their absence would likely make the world a better place -

but the odds of them being here are as spectacularly low as the odds of you being here. You matter and so do they!

Now let's put that idea away for a little bit and I'm going to make my second point.


Alright, let’s drill down some more! You have likely come to the conclusion, based on everything you've heard about yourself over the course of your lifetime that you are a human being – but that actually isn't true. You are an electromagnetic field of energy.

Scientifically speaking, you are made of the same stuff as the stars, the sky the sun and the moon. You’re also made of the same stuff as a table, a hammer, a tree, your lawn, your deck, your kitchen island, the neighbor’s cat and the plate you used at breakfast this morning. We’re all made of the same stuff.

We are electromagnetic energy – atoms, protons, neutrons, electrons; more space and energy than matter - we're just moving really slowly so that other people can see us.

Now all of the energy that makes up you - also makes up the universe. This is often referred to as The Grand Unified Field – and its chief characteristic – is that it is nothing, but possibility and you are interacting with it at all times with your subconscious mind whether you recognize it or not.

You are connected to it – because you are made of it.

At some point in time, we began creating a concept of God that could explain away the things we were afraid of like thunder, lightening and people who wore socks with their sandals.

God became a catchall term for things we didn’t understand and things that were happening to us that didn’t feel good. So, we’d say God is disappointed or God is pleased - depending on what side of the argument we were on. This perspective is still used to control others willing to be controlled.

Now I'm not speaking of you specifically if this actually isn't in your belief system, I'm talking about people in general from the beginning of time.

Alright, let’s go back to - us being electromagnetic fields of energy.

This is science people, so - stick with me! We know from the sperm and egg account that the odds of you and me being here defy reason – now add to that that we are made of whatever the universe is made of – then add another bit of evidence called the Double Split Test that proves that we (us humans aka electromagnetic fields of energy) have the ability to change reality just by observing or participating in it. That’s a combination just waiting to create whatever we damn well want to create.

That’s exciting! No?

Now here’s why most people aren’t doing that.

Most of us were not raised with this awareness.

The most encouraging thing for me is that there are more and more people awakening to this. Small numbers of individuals have been pressing these ideas on us for centuries – but now with such ease at communicating so quickly – these ideas are gaining momentum.

But you’re still a rare bird – so acknowledge that will you? Most people are just keeping their eyes closed and their fingers crossed hoping for the best – but you’re moving towards the edge of the cliff.


All of us in this conversation - have an opportunity to wake up from the lie that our choices are limited and embrace the fact that the choices available are beyond our imagination.

This may indeed be a new conversation for you - new information for you to be grappling with but you can't actually argue with facts, can you?

Let me go a little deeper.

  1. Science proves that You are a statistical anomaly – you defy probability – yet here you are – you exist.
  2. Science also proves that we are made of the same stuff as the universe – and that stuff is nothing but possibilities and can become anything.
  3. Then Science proves that we (as observers and participants) have a say in what gets created – which extends to us - being able to influence our own life experience.

Are you on this page with me – or is this new?

We are here to create. We are here to tap into the infinite wisdom of the subconscious mind. We are here to use our intuition for direction and our will for creating the life we want.

Now – here’s where some of the confusion lies in the whole “you create your own reality” scenario – this baffled me for years – so I would be thrilled if it opened a door of understanding for you.

In Episode #5 of the Unleash Your Life! Podcast, we talked about how our ego works, how it stores information, and how it does its level best to keep us safe. Remember the math it’s working from is, Familiar = Safe. So, it loves it when everything in your life is the same as it’s always has been.

Every time you try something new – it will try to dissuade you.

Now – as you look at the key areas in your life – you know, the big topics like Love, Career, Money, Health and Happiness - the places where you’re not happy with the results – those are the places where you have your Power Leaks.

Power leaks are subconscious beliefs and behaviors working in opposition to what you want. This is what many teachers call your “vibration” or “frequency”.

In essence you’re DRIFTING through these parts of your life. You’ve literally fallen asleep and allowed your subconscious to keep steering you towards that familiar feeling – drifting – just going where your vibe takes you.

If you want those areas of your life to reflect what you genuinely want – then you need to learn how to EXPECT something different – BE something different – so your subconscious will get the message that you want the PROOF of something better.

You see it’s been showing you the proof of what you expect all along.

Your expectations and feelings create your life. Your words and wishes have nothing to do with it.

Are you with me?

You expect work to be hard or unfulfilling – your subconscious will keep steering you towards experiences that will affirm your expectations – it will show you proof, that you are right.

You expect a partner to be hard to find or hard to live with – your subconscious will show you the proof, that you are right.

You expect to get every virus going around the office – your subconscious will show you the proof that what you expect, will be your experience.

This is why affirmations and positive thinking don’t work for so many people – because the individual often wants things to be different – but their expectations never change.

So, when I talk about learning to plug your power leaks - those power leaks are anything and everything that stands in the way of you recognizing who you are and what you are capable of creating.

When you and your subconscious start working together – that’s when sh!t gets awesome.

You want the proof that love is everywhere – that a career could light you up on every level – that there are endless opportunities for health and financial well-being – then you’ve got to pay attention to your true expectations. You have to become (in your mind) the person who has those things.


If you’ve never experienced collaborating with your subconscious – then I can’t begin to explain – you just have to experience it for yourself. But I suspect you are right on the edge and I hope you’re interested in pitching yourself forward. This is what we’re going to explore in this blog!

  • You came with an intention.
  • You chose your point of entry.
  • You knew you would eventually remember what you are connected to.
  • You are now remembering.
  • You are now able to create what you want to create.

It begins by getting rid of all the lies and distractions that keep you tied to your human form instead of embracing your connection to the field of possibilities

So, I’ll tell you right now that; me in my happy place is you embracing your amazingness – and understanding that when you connect to that energy field and let go of the stuff that is holding you back – you stand in your Authentic Power.

That’s the stuff that will create a new way of moving our world, going forward – one individual and one day at a time.

We get to create from a place of connection, collaboration, respect, and reverence for everyone in the room. We can stop acting from lack which has us fighting for crumbs and instead, we can feast at a table where no one goes hungry.

This is big sh!t – and I hope I’ve either blown your mind or affirmed what you already know to be true!

We’ve got work to do Sisters – let’s get on with it.

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