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Weird Hummingbirds is a fantastic, well written, virtual workshop that helps readers recognize and peel off unproductive layers of themselves they may not even have known existed. This book is a treasure trove of stories, examples and thought-provoking questions that gently and lovingly helps the reader to identify limitations, thought processes and beliefs that we adopt, unconsciously, throughout life's journey. Readers are prompted to examine their memories and beliefs, from a perspective of curiosity versus judgement, in a way that encourages growth and transformation. I highly recommend this book for everyone. No matter how many layers of our self we may have peeled back in the past, there are always new questions and perspectives that can take us beyond our current experience - to fully discover our true, divinely loved selves. Get this book!!

~ R Barry

I can’t say enough about this book! It truly changed the way I look at the world and myself. I couldn’t put it down; it was like Layne knew exactly what I needed to hear and how to help me. I found myself finally listening- her words awaken a passion in you to lead a life that is more authentic, rooted in self love and powerful. I read it twice and I continue to read it often. I leave it on my bedside table, and I will often open the book randomly to read the exact message I needed. Layne is an angel-her truth and her life story was inspiring to read. She helped me see myself in a way I never thought to look. I am forever thankful that this book and this beautiful badass woman came into my life. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

~ Khadija Flynn

I bought this book back in December 2017 and have found myself referring to it over and over. You'll find yourself leaving it by your night table and referring back to it again and again. When negative thoughts start bubbling to the surface and telling you you're not capable, unable, or not worthy, Weird Hummingbirds will put you back on track. For me, the book hit home on so many levels...I found myself so many times nodding and saying, "yeah, I know exactly what she's talking about." What's so good about this book, is the way the author is so open about her own struggles and then is able to dial into the issues that could be holding you back. She gives you such simple and practical tools to help you get 'unstuck' and clear away the 'junk' so you can work to reach your true potential. It's as if you have your best friend with you every step of the way, helping you break through the crap and negative mindsets. Have recommended the book to many people.

~ Amazon Customer

I have truly loved this book. It had me engaged from the moment go. Each word, line and chapter really hit the mark within me. Heartwarming, inspiring and beautifully written. Thank you, Layne Smith-Brown.

~ Daniela Cowie

This book deserves 5 stars all the way! It is excellent and one I thoroughly enjoyed! The author shares page after page of simple, yet super-inspiring ideas for changing the way you think and look at life. I also loved the way she shared her personal ups and downs throughout, and she does so with honesty and integrity. She helps you to strip away the layers of lies and untruths that have held you back from living the life you want and being the person, you were born to be. A definite must-read for anyone interested in personal development... this one works!

~ Maria McMahon

While many of the ideas in the book I had seen before the book brought them home and inspired deeper reflection and growth.

~ John Early

…Rarely do I get so much pure pleasure from reading a new author’s take on spiritual development and living your one, true, exceptional life. This author has a writing style that not only imparts pivotal thinking and concepts but is actually entertaining!! There are 101 reasons why I love this book and plan to share it on my social media to alert the masses that there is a new author to keep your eye on…

~ Sarah Saint-Laurent

This is a beautiful and honest book. I felt Layne was meeting me at the front door of her life with open arms, welcoming me into every room as we toured her house. Following insights gleaned from her own experiences that she so openly shares can only bring each of us to a higher place as we understand who we are, what made us that way and more excitingly, who we can become when we understand how our growing years have shaped us. In reading through the book, I felt Layne's willingness to lay herself out to the readers, so they could truly understand the action and consequence of thought and experience that dictate who we become.

I think this author has a cheerful, flowing style that makes her book an easy read, yet an incredibly informational journey at the same time. I will read it again and recommend it to friends.

~ Zee Dammerel

Are you interested in pitching yourself forward to bigger and better things? Change takes but an instant. It is resistance to change that takes a lifetime" I absolutely love this book. I have highlighted so many passages! The writer has a fresh way of saying things which really gets your attention. Her own inspirational story is told with transparency and compassion, but with the lightness of fluttering hummingbird wings! Throughout the book you can feel the love she is sharing with the reader. Through great examples and excellent questions, she gives you "powerful tools to begin making choices instead of giving in to the mood." This book is comparable to books by Karen Casey and Melody Beattie - the highest praise I can possibly give a book, and I look forward to more from this writer.

~ Louise van Niekirk

Loved the stories, and how the author drew powerful lessons from them. Now we can't say anymore that we don't know how to shift perspectives, to learn and grow even in the middle of difficult situations.

~ Gabriela C

There are many lies we believe about ourselves. It is time to uncover the truth about them and live life to the fullest. This book guides us into discovering our true selves by reflecting on the stories shared by the author and answering questions that give insights on how we view ourselves. This book helps us see that we have unlimited potentials. Let’s live life soaring and reaching our dreams and becoming our authentic selves.

~ J Wang

There are a lot of lessons to learn in life whether we see them or not...and this book helps you SEE them!

It resonated with me because hummingbirds are my totem animal, and whenever I see one, I know there is a lesson somewhere I need to look out for. This book didn't disappoint.

~ Qat Wanders

I have been on my "Truth" journey for over 30 years and Weird Hummingbirds is the first that I have come across that explains HOW to do the work required for real and lasting change!
Layne Smith-Brown is a storyteller and she uses this gift share her personal stories of her own "Truth" journey. Through these stories, and along with a healthy dose of humor, Smith-Brown invites the readers to continuously update where they are living their lives from and challenges the reader to step into their new viewpoint. Bravo! I too am a Weird Hummingbird!

~ Brenda Lehear

This book has been a gift from the Universe! Sometimes life just keeps throwing punches, but Weird Hummingbirds helps redirect the wearied mind back to the innate wisdom within us. The analogies resonate, the stories grip your heart and the questions guide you into bite-sized mouthfuls of introspection that are easy to digest. I am excited to embrace the wisdom Layne Smith-Brown has poured into this book and “excavate the truth” within.

~ Heather Bronson-Choy

Read many books but I loved the way this one has been written. The author shares her own experiences as she explains different ideas. The whole structure of the chapters and the book itself are really great and captivates the reader. From the initial quotes (which are thought provoking) to the personal experiences to the little exercises at the end of each chapter all help to make one think and rethink of their own personal circumstances and to make a change. Great read which is now on my table, within a hand’s reach.


…Weird Hummingbirds is a breezy and wide-ranging book of practical advice for learning to live your best life, shaking off received wisdom and unconscious beliefs, and generally learning to hone your natural intuition (Smith-Brown calls it Divine Intuition) to help you make better choices…Smith-Brown incorporate all kinds of ideas from spiritual traditions, neuroscience, psychology and just about everywhere else. Peppered throughout are encouraging sentences that make you feel like you're really getting the material; at its best, her voice reminds me of that really great elementary school teacher that made you feel you were capable of anything...

~ AG Morgan

… this book will be the best companion for the one daring to move out of the comfort zone, get unstuck and try something new. Using easy to apply concepts, the author addresses the enemy of our potential, exposes the self-sabotaging beliefs and lies that fight to keep us less than who we truly are.

Using her own personal testimony, Layne Smith-Brown shares her deeply personal struggles and how she successfully navigated through a lot of pain to finding a path that works. She then guides the reader on a straightforward process that is designed to lead you to your freedom, unlock your truth, live your best life now and stand tall in your inherent beauty!

I found in Weird Hummingbirds such wealth of wisdom that one can use as a resource not just once but from time to time. Great resource. Highly recommended!

~ E Kangara

I was both moved and inspired while reading this book...it is definitely worth the read!

~ Yvonne S