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STOP Drifting. START Creating!

If you're new to this - investing in your personal growth, I mean - you may have experienced a little resistance just now. Your egoic mind - does not want you to change (neither does mine). It's simple. It "thinks" we're safe if nothing changes (ie: we continue to drift through our lives). Your decision then - is how hungry are you for real and lasting change? Are you interested in learning how to work with your ego to get it onside?

“Plugging Your Power Leaks works! We are meant to CREATE our experience - not simply DRIFT through our life. We have MORE CONTROL than we sometimes believe.”

I left my childhood with feelings of deep unworthiness, insecurity,  and disconnection. I had no idea I was POWERFUL. I had no idea my being here was PURPOSEFUL and that I had a plan for my life - before I took my first breath. No one encouraged that in me. So I learned to encourage it in myself... and so can you!

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Layne Smith-Brown

Founder of, Author of Weird Hummingbirds - Unleash Your LIfe!, Host of the Unleash Your Life Podcast, Teacher, and Coach. NLP, CBT, EFT, and Hypnosis Certified Practioner.

Here’s (a bit) of my story...

I grew up in a religious home that taught me I was small, insignificant, full of “sin”, and all I was ever going to get – was what God saw fit to give me. And that would be completely and utterly random. How fun does that sound?

There would be no rhyme or reason to how my life turned out. That uncertainty would keep me constantly wondering if I was doing the “right” thing for over thirty years.

My experience meant I didn’t dream of a bigger life. I didn’t have a clue what was possible for me. Until one day – that started to change.

A crack of light got in and I followed that light into a life filled with boundless love, emotional and financial security, endless amounts of opportunity, and a sense of self that is just a sliver away from unshakeable (‘cuz I still have work to do in some areas – and that’s perfectly okay).

I was five when it happened for the first time and twenty-eight when I finally did something about it. It’s a big story – too big to put here – and if you want to know the whole thing – I’ll show you in a bit how you can find out.

For now, I’ll say this – the experience made it clear to me – that I get to choose my own life! I get to create my own life! And all it would take was for me to REMEMBER that I was connected to the eternal energy of the universe – and that universe was cheering me on to experience the life I came to live.

Here’s the deal – most of us got that sense of connection completely obliterated by things that happened in our kid-hood (and continued to happen as we got older). Those experiences left us with Power Leaks.

Power Leaks are beliefs and behaviors that keep us playing small. Settling for "just good enough" is a power leak, so is fear, shame, regret, and being skeptical of just how powerful you truly are.

When we learn to plug those power leaks – we AUTOMATICALLY FILL UP ON OUR AUTHENTIC POWER. This is how we came in – we’ve simply forgotten. Until now.

“LOOK AROUND YOU RIGHT NOW - is anything missing? Could your relationships improve? How about your financial situation or health? What about your sense of connection and opportunity? Learn how to Plug Your Power Leaks - and all of that starts changing NOW!”

You know how it is when you fall in love and suddenly you want everyone to experience it?

Well – I fell in love. I fell in love with myself. And I fell in love with this kind and generous energy that longed to come alongside me and support me on my journey.

I can’t help but want that for you too!

My journey has been to take all that I have learned and SIMPLIFY it for ANYONE  to UNDERSTAND. It’s a 4-Step Process that can help you find and let go of ALL of your Power Leaks – and each time you do that – you get to experience more and more Authentic Power! That’s a great payoff don’t you think?

Here's what Plugging Your Power Leaks can look like...

Mariellegot clear on how distant she was from her true self. That disconnection from her authentic power greatly affected who she drew to herself regarding love and friendships. She realized how small she was playing and how she had been behaving as if the “stories” she had learned to believe about herself in childhood, were true. They weren’t! She knows that now. To say her life has been transformed is an understatement. Her getting to her truth has created meaningful and lasting change in every area of her life.


Annanthought that everything was going well – but in doing this work began to understand how many behaviors and beliefs were, “Power Leaks” in their life and awakened to what they had been “settling for” in their life. This realization has given them such momentum to explore their life more deeply – so that they can truly unleash all the authentic power they came into the world with. I think they’re going to blow my mind! Truth is – they already have.


Loriwas able to look at both the culture and religion she grew up with and understand that it is the “essence” of those things that were meaningful to her – not the dogma, superstition, and arbitrary rules. She is now free to live her faith from choice instead of obligation.


Shewanhas made peace with a horrific start to their life. They found a way to radically accept the gift (after a whole bunch of healing work) that those experiences offered. They are well on their way to walking straight into their purpose., with the knowledge, they’re here to help others heal – and it’s a wonderful thing to witness.


Stephbegan to see the generational patterns in her family and concluded that she was the one to end those patterns. Generations of women being held down, underestimated, expected to marry and have kids and put themselves dead last because that was somehow “what a woman was supposed to do” – is now done. That example has moved through her family in a beautiful way. It has created opportunity for others to also declare that they get to choose the life they want. No more obligations – but instead a life of choices based on desire and calling.


Louisehad a childhood that left her feeling unworthy, invisible, and insecure. She was floundering. Looking to others for acceptance. Settling for less than awesome relationships and was afraid to admit to herself that she wanted more. Uncovering how those early years left inaccurate impressions in her subconscious mind allowed her to let them go – and replace them with the truth that she is magnificent. She’s in an amazing relationship, has a great career and is living her purpose every day.


Connerknew something about herself at an early age that caused her an immense amount of shame. Her culture and religion didn’t allow for someone who wasn’t heterosexual. There was no other option offered. So, she led a secret life – that caused so much disconnection in herself and between her and her family. Breaking free from the lie that she wasn’t born exactly as she should have been – allowed her to stand in her power and speak her truth. It cost her some family, it cost her some “friends”, but it gave her something much more valuable – a sense of peace, freedom, and purpose – and a complete and total acceptance of herself.


Do you want to tell a different story? Do you want to redeem a tough childhood? Do you want to let go of beliefs and conditioning that no longer serve you? Do you want to feel at home in your body and your life? Do you want a lasting sense of freedom, peace, and purpose?

“What would your life look like if NOTHING was standing in your way? Are you ready to find out?”


You've got to WANT it!

You've got to WANT a different financial situation, a relationship that lights you up, a purpose that fills you up, health and well-being that sees you living fully, and a sense of self that creates endless opportunities.

What do YOU want?

It'll be work - but it will be worth It!

It certainly was for me!

A 6 Module Course Can Set YOU Free ! Free to STOP Drifting and START Creating Your Life!

We're going to work with ancient wisdom, neuroscience, and new technologies to help you recognize what's holding you back and create new neural pathways that will get you back to living in the Authentic Power you came into the world with. I trust that doesn't sound airy-fairy - 'cuz that's the last thing it is. You're going to finally understand what's been in the way - and from that new perspective, you are going to create what you want with your life.


Module 1

Setting you up to succeed. Understanding how you learn, so you can get the most from this course.

Module 2

Understanding the SPECIFICS of what your Power Leaks are. A scan of the Big Five (Health, Money, Love, Opportunity and Self).

Module 3

The ORIGINS of everything you discovered in Module 2. From here you will begin to already expand your Authentic Power.

Module 4

Understanding how your mind works. Why it wants you to KEEP your Power Leaks. How to bring it onside so it can be a companion on your journey to living in Authentic Power.

Module 5

First learn to move from Power Leak to Authentic Power any time you wish. Then understand how to turn up the volume on your intuition and finally recognize the clues to remembering your purpose.

Module 6

Making it personal. With ALL the skills to Create Your Life - we now make it personal - something that fits who you are, how you think, how your process and how you learn.

Bonus 1

Each lesson comes with Assignments and some lessons come with added tools to help you implement all of the new information. The goal is to allow your heart center (seat of your intuition) to act as your own personal guide.

Bonus 2

Once the course is completed there is a "surprize" Module to take you deeper on your journey and offers more tools to help you stay connected to your intuition, authentic power and purpose.

Bonus 3

Because my desire is to guide you to transformation as opposed to simply selling you a course - you will also recieve a 28 Day Email Series to support you on your journey. You, letting go of your power leaks - and embracing your authentic power - is me, in my happy place. So, thanks!

What You'll Learn In This Training

How to uncover where you are currently working from your old conditioning (power leaks).

How and why your egoic mind has a million tricks to keep you living in those old stories.

How to release anyone or anything that has held you to your past or your future.


How to choose, change or chuck any unwanted conditioning. It's actually way bigger than "chucking" (and you'll have this tool for life!).

How to reprogram your mind (using some cutting-edge technologies) for a new expereince and a new and better normal, and a new and better life!

A simple repeatable method to take you out of your Power Leaks and into your intuition any time you wish!



Money-Back Guarantee

You need to learn to take chances on yourself! But I don't want you to feel that you have to take a chance on me. So if you do the work outlined in this course and it does not offer you an opportunity to plug your power leaks and step into your authentic power. Then you get your money back. Plain and Simple. Period. 

Well – you’ve come to the end, and now you’ve got a choice to make. Plugging Your Power Leaks is a DEEP DIVE that will look at every area of your life and help you create your own plan for moving forward. And I’ve taken out the risk by giving you a guarantee.

I know you're ready - but if you can't recognize that just yet – then I want to consider the LIVE FREE! A Crash-Course to Create Freedom, PEACE, and Purpose.

Live Free! takes the Power Leak of Money Worry – and helps you reset from Worry into Peace. Don’t worry – you can apply it to other things you worry about too!

Again, a simple process – but from PEACE it becomes easier to create what you desire.

It also comes with a meditation download that will help you implement the learning.


Here’s What You Will Come to Understand through this Course:

What you are connected to and why you feel a “calling” towards certain experiences and people.

How your intuition speaks to you and how you can hear it more effectively.

The three aspects of your sub-conscious mind and why it bends towards sabotaging your efforts to change.

How to engage your sub-conscious as a partner in creating what you want.

How to interrupt your tendency towards getting lost in high-beta (or survival) emotions.

How to neutralize your high-beta (survival) emotions and move to peace-on-demand.

Oh, and if you want to read the rest of the story of what happened to me at FIVE and TWENTY-EIGHT - that put me on this freedom path? Download a copy of my Amazon Best-Seller Weird Hummingbirds – Unleash Your Life! Click the button below - for reviews and an opportunity to get your own copy NOW.

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