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A 12 Week 1:1 Coaching Program with Layne Smith-Brown

  • 12 (60-90 min) Weekly 1:1 Coaching/Clarity/Focus Calls
  • Unlimited email access during the 12 to 24-week program
  • You will direct where we focus our energy - each coaching program and coaching call is personalized to your desired outcome.
  • Personalized Assignments
  • Subconscious Programming Detox
  • Personalized Reprogramming Tools (for learning and changing)
  • 6-Month (60-90 minute) Follow-up Coaching/Clarity/Focus Call
  • 12-Month (60-90 minute) Follow-up Coaching/Clarity/Focus Call

About Us

We're Weird Hummingbirds!
We are a Community of Fantastic, Spectacular, Resilient, and Fierce Women
serious about waking to what we came to bring the world (oh, and we ALL got gifts!)
To do that well - we need to get rid of the sh!t*
(*unfiltered, unchallenged, unchosen, unconscious beliefs) that holds us back.
Now doesn't that sound like a brilliant idea!? Oh, hell ya, it does!

About Me

My name is Layne Smith-Brown I'm an author
(Weird Hummingbirds - Unleash Your Life) a Teacher and a Transformational Coach.
I've been practicing and teaching personal development for well over 30 years
and I have a passion for making this work accessible, relevant and practical. It's just how I roll.
Care to roll with me? C'mon, ya know ya wanna!

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