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A 12 Week 1:1 Coaching Program with Layne Smith-Brown

  • 12 (60-90 min) Weekly 1:1 Coaching/Clarity/Focus Calls
  • Personalized Assignments
  • Personalized Reprogramming Tools (for learning and changing)
  • Misogyny Detox (love, behavior, career, money and opportunity)
  • 6-Month (60-90 minute) Follow-up Coaching/Clarity/Focus Call
  • 12-Month (60-90 minute) Follow-up Coaching/Clarity/Focus Call

Guiding Process

Using the 5 Module Plugging Your Power Leaks Intensive as the starting point; your journey will be personalized to your specific experiences and desires. The objective is to move you to a full understanding of what you’re made of, why you’re here and what you’ve come to bring the world.

  • Self-Worth/Sence of Place
  • Career/Opportunity
  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Love


  1. Repeatable S.O.U.L. METHODTM Action Plan (so real you can hold it in your hands)
  2. Lifetime Access to Courses (including updates)

ADDED Bonuses:

  1. Setting Yourself Up to Succeed/Harness Your Learning Cycle
  2. Clearing and Forgiveness Meditation
  3. Paper Box Hypnosis
  4. Juicy Q’sTM (Layne’s own powerful reprogramming method)
  5. “I’m Done with That” Wisdom Practice for Effective and Lasting Change
  6. Personalized Subconscious Reprogramming Tool – based on your learning style

About Us

We're Weird Hummingbirds!
We are a Community of Fantastic, Spectacular, Resilient, and Fierce Women
serious about waking to what we came to bring the world (oh, and we ALL got gifts!)
To do that well - we need to get rid of the sh!t*
(*unfiltered, unchallenged, unchosen, unconscious beliefs) that holds us back.
Now doesn't that sound like a brilliant idea!? Oh, hell ya, it does!

About Me

My name is Layne Smith-Brown I'm an author
(Weird Hummingbirds - Unleash Your Life) a Teacher and a Transformational Coach.
I've been practicing and teaching personal development for well over 30 years
and I have a passion for making this work accessible, relevant and practical. It's just how I roll.
Care to roll with me? C'mon, ya know ya wanna!

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