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private coaching

with Layne

When you're ready to get unstuck and UNLEASH YOUR LIFE!

Hello you Beautiful Soul, so glad you're here - and so happy you want to explore private coaching. I'll tell you - that's when my life truly "took off". Mostly because I needed someone who COULD SEE the stuff I COULDN'T SEE.

You know - all the "stuff" we seem oblivious to - but somehow is really clear to those observing us - especially those who've already begun their healing journey.

That "stuff" is all the things that are currently holding you back - old patterns, old hidden beliefs (they're called hidden for a reason!) - all the unconscious programming playing in the background.

But unlike traditional "talk therapy" (that can go on for years) - I'm ready to work myself out of a "job" as quickly as possible and put you back in the driver's seat.

You see right now (most likely) your monkey mind is doing most of the driving. Through some pretty amazing methods (both ancient and state-of-the-art) we can put YOU back in the driver's seat - so you can take your life where you want to go.


I am currently offering Packages of 5, 10, or 25 Coaching Calls.

  • Calls can be used at your own pace (they don't expire).
  • Calls will be around 60+/- minutes - the objective with each call, is to work toward a specific outcome - so you can keep moving forward and experience real change and healing.
  • Packages come with additional email privileges; so you can gain some clarity on call content between calls.
  • There will also be specialized tools created for you, based on specific needs and learning styles.
  • Currently, I work with Neuro-Linguistics, Hypnosis, Subliminal Programming, Emotional Freedom Technique, Juicy Q's (inverted questions), and other modalities - meant to help you quieten your monkey mind and allow you to make real and lasting change - based on your personal desires. We will only use therapies that you are comfortable with.
  • No topic is off-limits.
  • Sessions are private and confidential but are recorded for your ongoing reference.


Coaching Packages:

  • 5 Calls (booked at your discretion, no expiry) - $1125
  • 10 Calls (booked at your discretion, no expiry) - $1995
  • 25 Calls (booked at your discretion, no expiry) - $4495


Again, the point of a mindset coach (vs therapist) is to move you from learning to cope with your symptoms to instead, uncovering the root "problem" (stuckness) in order to redirect that pent-up energy and allow you to move into freedom.

Know this, YOU have all the answers inside of yourself - my job is only to help you see that.

You, in full awareness, means you can take full charge of where you take your life and wouldn't that feel awesome!


If you would like to email for clarification on any of this - please write me directly at [email protected] and place "Coaching Inquiry" in the subject line.


About Us

We're Weird Hummingbirds!
We are a Community of Fantastic, Spectacular, Resilient, and Fierce Women
serious about waking to what we came to bring the world (oh, and we ALL got gifts!)
To do that well - we need to get rid of the sh!t*
(*unfiltered, unchallenged, unchosen, unconscious beliefs) that holds us back.
Now doesn't that sound like a brilliant idea!? Oh, hell ya, it does!

About Me

My name is Layne Smith-Brown I'm an author
(Weird Hummingbirds - Unleash Your Life) a Teacher and a Transformational Coach.
I've been practicing and teaching personal development for well over 30 years
and I have a passion for making this work accessible, relevant and practical. It's just how I roll.
Care to roll with me? C'mon, ya know ya wanna!

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