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Private 1:1 Coaching

tailored made for you!

Oh, this is exactly what I need!

When the cost of staying stuck finally outweighs the cost of moving forward.

When it’s time to do the work so that you can get the results you desire.

When it's time to finally fall so completely in love with yourself that ANYTHING is possible for you.

So – here you are – you’ve gone down a bunch of roads searching for the answers – but something is illuding you – there are places where you just can’t see what’s in the way or what’s still hanging on.

You know you could benefit from a companion-guide standing beside you so that you can navigate the obstacles, uncover the hidden patternsget to living your purpose and intention.

You want to establish a SOUL CONNECTION in every area of your life.

You want to live in your Authentic Power!

I hear you! 

I was once where you are now – and I got the help I needed.

It was worth the investment in myself - every minute and every penny.

Now I’d like to help you get there too!

Private Coaching is built on a 12 to 24-week  tailor-made process (you set the pace) that includes 12 weekly or bi-weekly coaching calls, limitless emails, custom assignments, and custom change tools.

Together our purpose is to take you where you want to go - to open you up to what you want - to help you fall so deeply in love with yourself that anything is possible.

After completing the process - you will get an additional 6-month and 12-month follow-up coaching call to fine-tune your process and help you continue on your spiritual journey, personal development, and ongoing transformation.

This investment in yourself is $4997 and can be taken care of in a variety of ways - as long as you are CLEAR that you are committed to doing the work of healing, changing, and growing.

The process begins with a personal survey and a discovery call to ensure we are a good match and that your desire to Unleash Your Life goes beyond any excuses. You are ready to do what it takes to get where you want to go - and you know a guide is an essential part of your journey.

Our clarity call will be easy - there is no pressure to move forward. I have made a commitment that I will only work with soul-led clients - and you will know in your heart if this is meant for you.

Calls will be recorded at your request and will be yours to keep.

The discovery process begins with a short survey that will be sent to you.

This will be followed by a 30-minute (or so) Zoom DISCOVERY CALL (you will be sent a link to book this once I’ve had a chance to review your survey). Again, there is no obligation implied in booking this call. This conversation is simply meant to find out if you and I are a good match and that you truly want to get at what has been holding you back…

This is BIG work! It is not for the faint of heart. This will be brutal and painful and exhausting – and it will also be beautiful and powerful and amazing – as you break free from all the stuff that’s been playing in the background and keeping you stuck or drifting thru your life.

About Us

We're Weird Hummingbirds!
We are a Community of Fantastic, Spectacular, Resilient, and Fierce Women
serious about waking to what we came to bring the world (oh, and we ALL got gifts!)
To do that well - we need to get rid of the sh!t*
(*unfiltered, unchallenged, unchosen, unconscious beliefs) that holds us back.
Now doesn't that sound like a brilliant idea!? Oh, hell ya, it does!

About Me

My name is Layne Smith-Brown I'm an author
(Weird Hummingbirds - Unleash Your Life) a Teacher and a Transformational Coach.
I've been practicing and teaching personal development for well over 30 years
and I have a passion for making this work accessible, relevant and practical. It's just how I roll.
Care to roll with me? C'mon, ya know ya wanna!

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