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Have You Ever NOT Gotten What you wanted?

We all have! Want to STOP? Here's HOW!

There's ONE EMOTION that can act as a "neutralizer" and open you up to creating what you WANT with ease. It's what worked for me and it can work for you. This short course will show you how!

FEB 2021 LIVE FREE Artwork

Here's the deal.

We ALL have subconscious programming inside our minds,

that sabotages our efforts to change.

So you TRY TO CHANGE - but DON'T.

Instead, you're back to square one - getting the same results.

The same relationships, the same bank account, the same opportunities, the same ole - same ole. Nothing seems to improve. That can CHANGE TODAY!

The LIVE FREE! Crash-Course - will show you WHY it happens and HOW to change it, by "hitting" a subconscious "reset" button!

It’s a simple, repeatable process that shows you:

  • HOW your subconscious is currently programmed against you (it's a survival thing - you're not doing anything wrong).
  • HOW to program it to work with you/for you (if you can be programmed to sabotage, you can be programmed to win).
  • HOW to use the new programming to bring the "stuff" that you've been longing for into your experience (with an easy to understand emotional reset)


Here’s What You Will Come to Understand:

What you are connected to and why you feel a “calling” towards certain experiences and people.

How your intuition speaks to you and how you can hear it more effectively.

The three aspects of your sub-conscious mind and why it bends towards sabotaging your efforts to change.

How to engage your sub-conscious as a partner in creating what you want.

How to interrupt your tendency towards getting lost in high-beta (or survival) emotions.

How to neutralize your high-beta (or survival) emotions and move to peace- on-demand

PLUS You Get These TWO Bonuses

  • The Mindfulness Meditation: Grow Learn Change 2.0 (that you can use any time you’re feeling lost in your mind-chatter and want to get back to the peace of your heart)

  • An 11 Day Email Series to support you on your learning curve.

Oh really? Still not convinced?

Nervous I’m going to sell your email address or inundate your inbox with crap?

I hear you! I get nervous about that too!

All good – look, we need your email to send it to you (or you could drop by my house and I

could give you a hard copy but that seems like a lot of work for our first encounter – yes?)

To be clear we are about the most un-spammiest people you will ever meet.

If you choose to stay subscribed (and I hope you do) you’ll get a weekly newsletter and I will occasionally, and I mean seriously OCCASIONALLY…

...ever so gently drop into your inbox to tell you about something new

that may just change your life – in an awesome and beautiful way!

If it doesn’t go without saying – I’ll say it – we don’t sell, give away, trade your email –

or whatever the heck some sites do. Your info stays private between YOU and ME! Period!

(What a strange thing it is to spell out a punctuation mark, but I felt this occasion called for it.)

Oh Ya, this is where you CLICK to...

About Us

We're Weird Hummingbirds!
We are a Community of Fantastic, Spectacular, Resilient, and Fierce Women
serious about waking to what we came to bring the world (oh, and we ALL got gifts!)
To do that well - we need to get rid of the sh!t*
(*unfiltered, unchallenged, unchosen, unconscious beliefs) that holds us back.
Now doesn't that sound like a brilliant idea!? Oh, hell ya, it does!

About Me

My name is Layne Smith-Brown I'm an author
(Weird Hummingbirds - Unleash Your Life) a Teacher and a Transformational Coach.
I've been practicing and teaching personal development for well over 30 years
and I have a passion for making this work accessible, relevant and practical. It's just how I roll.
Care to roll with me? C'mon, ya know ya wanna!

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