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Have you ever tried to change something in your life only to find yourself back where you started from?

We’ve all done it!

But that doesn’t mean it’s not disappointing.



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That thing we do – that feels like we’re running around in circles – never really getting the change we desire - is called self-sabotage – and it has us living ordinary lives.


But we are NOT ordinary – each of us came with purpose and intention and it’s time to remember what that is.


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Weird means fantastic, supernatural, uncanny, unusual, interesting, unexpected, mysterious, and spectacular! I bet you thought it meant something completely different. This is just a small way we have accepted sh!t that’s not based on truth.


You probably think Hummingbirds are simply tiny and fragile; but that’s not the whole story - hummingbirds are also tenacious, ingenious, creative, resilient and way more powerful than you would suspect – and they can fly forward, backward, left, right and even upside down (no other bird can do that)! I suspect this is the level to which you underestimate your own power and brilliance.


So, Weird Hummingbirds are beautiful, fantastic, spectacular, tenacious, resilient, and way more powerful then you would have ever believed…until now! Are you up for being a Weird Hummingbird?


Well, turns out you are one – even if you do not choose to accept it! Snuck that in there didn’t I?

This is just a small sample of how we’ve learned to believe stuff that isn’t true.



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All the behaviors you developed that keep you “stuck” or “drifting” are because of the unfiltered, unchallenged, unconscious, unchosen beliefs we all have hidden in our subconscious mind.

I call this stuff Power Leaks – and my job is to show you how to find them – and how to let them go.

When you do that, you get to take yourself wherever you want to go.


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I’ve been on my spiritual journey for over thirty years. That’s a long time!

Much of that time was spent doing it all on my own. Figuring it out by trial and error. Going down rabbit trails that got me nowhere. Muddling through.

I found so many teachers that could tell me WHY I needed to change or WHAT I needed to change but no one seemed interested in showing me HOW to change!

As a result – my primary desire is to show you HOW to get the results you long for. Practical. Simple. Lasting. Change.

I’ll show you how your subconscious mind is currently programmed to thwart all your efforts to improve your life – and how you can deprogram it so you can get what you want.

That’s pretty big.

You see, most people read the “self-help” books and expect to change, or they take a “life-transforming” course and expect to change, or they listen to all kinds of “motivational” podcasts and expect to change. Oh, things may feel different for minute or two and then their life just goes back to “normal”.

Not so with Weird Hummingbirds – we’re doing REAL work so that you get REAL change!

You’re going to learn so much about yourself – and you’re going to uncover that you came here with a purpose and intention. That’s a real thing! And it will light you up!

But first – let’s get your mind clear so you can fill it with the right stuff – and get the life you came for.


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If you want to get rid of the stuff that’s in the way of

you living the life you came to live.

This book will light a fire under your ass!

Pure poetry – right? Seriously though, we’re here to learn from each other.

There’s always someone a little bit behind you and

someone else a little bit in front of you – and when we learn from each other,

we can share those discoveries with someone else.

This book is filled with my stories and how I got to a place of transforming

my own experience. The stories are poignant and often funny – and you will

be taken on a delicious journey to connect with your Intention,

hear your Internal Guidance System,

discover how Discerning you are (you just may not be listening),

you’ll uncover your Super-Power and you’ll get the tools to

LIVE in all of that new understanding.

If Self-Study is how you roll – then roll with this book!

With each Paperback you get a bonus Workbook and if you get the eBook –

there is a special offer on the eBook/Workbook Combo.

I KNOW this book will change your life!

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LOVE THIS BOOK! Weird Hummingbird gave me the knowledge that I needed to reveal the journey into my own self-awareness and self-care. I had no idea that I was struggling to break through some of my own negative habits and realizing that I needed to love myself deeply in order to do so! This book provided me with the tools and reflections to propel me forward towards my journey into the inner work, and through this, I am continually blossoming into the person I am meant to be!! Thank you, Layne, for all your wise words!


~ Stephanie Joy

If you’re really serious about getting down to work and shovelling out the negative in your life (and let’s not kid ourselves, we all have it), Layne Smith-Brown’s book, Weird Hummingbirds (I love the name!) is the one to put on your reading list – or should I say ‘to do’ list. Layne opens up about a lot of pain in her life and her journey of healing and truth. I could identify with many of her stories – a few brought a tear to my eye. Some broke my heart, especially the chapter called The Bedroom. She smartly ends every chapter with a series of questions to get you ‘doing’ – questions to peel back and expose your own negative self-talk and then help you heal from the lies you’ve been living so your real truth can emerge and shine. It’s a down-to-earth, funny yet raw memoir but also a book filled with nuggets to help purge. Be prepared....the questions can take you deep. To get the full experience and heal, you need to do the work.

~ CJ Katz

Thirty years ago, I started a journey to connect with my Divine Intuition. I found the work invaluable in helping me through the trials of being a mother and finding a new career. Over the years I lost sight of the ongoing work required to maintain that connection. Weird Hummingbirds came into my life at a perfect time, when I was ready to start the journey again. Weird Hummingbirds is a short, insightful and motivational book that shows reader how to identify the lies that feed the ego and discover the truths that help you lead a full, spectacular life. Layne Smith-Browns easy conversational style and personal stories make this an enjoyable read throughout.

~ Trish Hospedales

I can’t say enough about this book! It truly changed the way I look at the world and myself. I couldn’t put it down; it was like Layne knew exactly what I needed to hear and how to help me. I found myself finally listening- her words awaken a passion in you to lead a life that is more authentic, rooted in self love and powerful. I read it twice and I continue to read it often. I leave it on my bedside table, and I will often open the book randomly to read the exact message I needed. Layne is an angel-her truth and her life story was inspiring to read. She helped me see myself in a way I never thought to look. I am forever thankful that this book and this beautiful badass woman came into my life. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

~ Khadija Flynn

This book has been a gift from the Universe! Sometimes life just keeps throwing punches, but Weird Hummingbirds helps redirect the wearied mind back to the innate wisdom within us. The analogies resonate, the stories grip your heart and the questions guide you into bite-sized mouthfuls of introspection that are easy to digest. I am excited to embrace the wisdom Layne Smith-Brown has poured into this book and “excavate the truth” within.

~ Heather Bronson-Choy

This is a beautiful and honest book. I felt Layne was meeting me at the front door of her life with open arms, welcoming me into every room as we toured her house. Following insights gleaned from her own experiences that she so openly shares can only bring each of us to a higher place as we understand who we are, what made us that way and more excitingly, who we can become when we understand how our growing years have shaped us. In reading through the book, I felt Layne's willingness to lay herself out to the readers, so they could truly understand the action and consequence of thought and experience that dictate who we become.

I think this author has a cheerful, flowing style that makes her book an easy read, yet an incredibly informational journey at the same time. I will read it again and recommend it to friends.

~ Zee Dammerel

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This is the Unleash Your Life Podcast! A show to help you plug your Power Leaks, so you can turn up the volume of your intuition and step into your Authentic Power.


With your host Layne Smith-Brown – this is an irreverent, candid and practical guide to creating real change and real purpose in your life. Each show contains stories and tools to get you living in your Authentic Power, right here – right now!

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