Where Is All the Anger, Fear and Worry Coming From?

Where Is All the Anger, Fear and Worry Coming From? Practical Ways of Moving from Anger, Fear and Worry to Lasting Inner Peace Alright – just to set the stage a bit – this whole idea of personal development is something that I have been fascinated by for a really long time. I’ve been digging…

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Why We Self-Sabotage Our Life and How to Stop!

Why we Self-Sabotage Our Life and How to Stop! Missing Bedrooms and Disappearing Friends! My Power Leaks and Your Power Leaks were developed way before we were old enough to know better. It happened to each of us! Honestly, even if you were raised by wolves in Siberia it happened (and who’s kidding who huh?…

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Personal Development


Personal Development Your parents and caregivers had their shot – now it’s your turn! Here’s the truth; every one of us picked up untrue messages about ourselves and the world around us during the foundational years of our lives. Around seven years of age, we gained the ability to be critical thinkers, but most of…

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Spiritual Transformation

Woman wanting to transform spiritually

Spiritual Transformation The Awakened, Transformed & Unleashed Life Popping corks, plugging leaks, grabbing oars, and understanding that you have a choice to evolve or stay stuck. Why are so many people seeking spiritual transformation now, and at unprecedented rates? Why do so many of us long to understand that we are not alone in the…

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