Plug My What? A Journey to Awaken Your Intuition, Power, and Purpose!

We all have a tendency to drift if we’re not deliberately choosing to stay awake.

No judgment! It is the way it is.

You see, we’re lulled to sleep by our parents or caregivers – who were lulled to sleep by those who raised them.

Our school system lulled us to sleep even more and so did our communities, churches, and our culture.

Then Peer Pressure, Media, and Advertising worked their magic, and the drifting went deeper – and now the Social Network has taken us even further down the drifting hole.

But all is not lost – this is about hope and possibility, not overwhelm and disappointment. So, hold on!

Do you know how you know you’re drifting?

You look at your life and ask yourself this question; where am I experiencing less than I desire?

  • Work?
  • Love-Life?
  • Health and Wellbeing?
  • Relationships?
  • How’s your financial situation?
  • How about how you feel about yourself?

Have you ever found yourself wondering – is this all there is?

Sorry if that took you down – but the lift is coming!

First of all, millions – no, scratch that, billions are feeling this – but it’s shifting – and it’s shifting fast. Would you like to ride that wave?

If you now recognize that you’ve been drifting – it means you’re waking up. Crazy huh?

You’re already ahead of the curve.

You see, we can choose to wake up and engage at any moment we choose. You do that by making a decision to follow your heart, so you get back in touch with the YOU, you came to be.

Yep, that’s right – you came on purpose and with intention – and if it doesn’t feel like that right now – it’s okay. I’ll hold the light for you while you begin uncovering the truth of it.

When you look at a mirror – the person you see looking back at you is a distortion of who was born into this world. Every one of us came in all fresh and new and full of dreams and ideas – with an intention, a gift to offer the world.

So, what’s a Power Leak?


  • Understand why you matter (and you DO!)
  • Uncover your current level of self-love (and how it could be sabotaging your life)
  • Use this 1-minute formula to increase your level of self-love

Everything that has you living in less than your full authentic power is a Power Leak...

(thinkanxiety, worry, resentment, dissatisfaction, impatience, overwhelm, grudges, insecurity, fear, bias … the list is long) – and that’s what we’re going to learn to plug.

All of your power leaks are only serving as a distraction. I’ll show you how to recognize them (even the super sneaky ones you may not know you have). Then you’ll use some simple solid tools to change them into behaviors and beliefs that will get you back on target for the life you came to live – the life you want to live!

On some level – you already know all those negative feelings and beliefs are a distortion of who you really are. That’s why you’re still reading this. There is a restlessness in you – a gnawing that you are meant for much more – and you’re ready to do the work.

You’re awakening to the truth that you are far more powerful, far more capable than how you’ve been living 

and you’re ready to turn up the volume of your intuition – so that you can wake yourself up to more fully – and ride into the life you came to live.

For the most part – the world is living in the past (fear) or the future (worry) – when all the peace is found in the middle – in the present moment. This is where you hear your inner guidance system (intuition) which is completely connected to the wisdom beyond your understanding.

And we ALL have that Inner Voice – all we have to do is LISTEN.

Together we will uncover all of the behaviors and beliefs you’re currently using to keep yourself from hearing your intuition – and we’ll use simple tools to get you free.

Oh, it’ll be work – but it’ll be worth it – because you’re worth it!

So our journey together in this blog is to look at our behaviors – petty jealousies and resentments, not recognizing what you already have, selling yourself short when it comes to pursuing your dreams, talking down to yourself or others, letting someone else dictate how you feel or how you make decisions – all of those are just scratching the surface.

The more we scratch at that stuff the quicker we get to what’s just below the surface and that is, a being full of love and light.

You know – if you love your life already – this work doesn’t mean you’re going to lose out on any of that.

Look at it this way – let’s say your life is a photograph, and that photograph has been taken with some sort of filter that mutes the colors.

Following your intuition and uncovering who you’ve come to be, simply turns up the volume of those colors. It makes the image more brilliant and more beautiful.

That’s YOU in your Authentic Power! And the downside to that is what? I can’t think of a thing.

The bigger picture for me is that when all of us are standing in that authentic power we can do things in the world that we can't do as this dimmed-down version of ourselves.

When we are standing in our authentic power we can do things in the world, in our communities, in our families, and in our workplace that will transform and connect us in such a significant way to the beauty and power of who we are ALL are.

Shall we agree to stop drifting through our lives and instead - steer our lives directly into our purpose and intention – let’s all stick together and move towards living the life we came to live.

We are meant to be Queens – and by Queens, I mean, strong capable women living from deep internal wisdom and purpose with a desire to share that wisdom with the world.

To get there we need to do the work of getting the sh!t cleared out of our life! We need to Plug Our Power Leaks and Fill UP on Our Authentic Power.

Are you with me sisters?

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